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Social Media has opened me up to so many new people and for that I am so truly thankful. And on the other hand for me having a bit of a plan helps me not fall into the trap of hours of wasted time on social media. I also believe in ORGANIC true connections on social media, which can be reallllllly hard to do. Every day thousands of people join a platform and millions of new content gets created every SECOND! How do you stand out? What do you post? When do you post? Why do you post? So many questions and it can be very overwhelming. To help with this I came up with a simple printable log to help get you guys started. If you guys do happen to like it then I can continue putting more Social Media info out to help you guys. Now don't get it twisted because I will not be handing you some master plan to become some master social media Jedi. Some tips and tricks that have helped me. but YOU HAVE TO DO THE ACTAUL WORK!

Join me LIVE today on IG at 7:30pm CST as we fill out the info together.

Download the template here.

(desktop only)

Hold picture at bottom and save to phone .

Comment below and let me know if you want to see more info like this on the blog!


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