Cake Cutting Template (Free download)


So I screwed up and made a cake on the wrong date! Instead of just letting the cake go straight into my gut I decided to first do a quick live with how to properly cut a cake! I showed the cutting guide that I use and a lot of you were interested in it so here I am on a Sunday slapping a quickie together for you guys :) 




Why use the guide?

-First of all it helps give a visual to your customer and you to see just how much cake you need. I have been using this template since I started selling cakes. Yes, even when I was charging just $1 a serving!! My prices may have changed but my serving sizes haven't. 

-Secondly since I charge per serving it is super easy for me to give a price for my cakes on the fly. When I am at events I often get asked "How much for a cake in December?" and I reply with "How many servings?" to which I get a number and then I can confidently say " The BASE price for that cake in buttercream will start at $xxx" 


Does it really serve that many people???

YES! I did a Facebook live and you can click here to see it for yourself. 


I went ahead and made a quick PDF (at the bottom of the page) for you guys and left space for you to add what you like.

This is what I did with mine. 

 I hope this was helpful for you guys! If you could do me a solid and go like my Instagram page, I am trying to hit 10k by the end of the year. You know #goals 


Here is your Cutting and Serving Guide PDF




Bake. Laugh. Live. Love.



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