Easy Lemon Blueberry Loaf

The simple lemon blueberry loaf has always been not so simple for me! From sinking blueberries, to exploding ones, and not enough LEMON flavor. I tried so many recipes but still no winner prevailed until now! What if I told you that you were just a couple ingredients away from a blueberry lemon loving loaf, would you believe me?

Issue one: Sinking or exploding blueberries.

Resolving this one took a few tries. First fresh blueberries ended up looking like Verusca got a hold of an everlasting gobstopper as they ballooned up in the batter. Bleeding their blue hue everywhere. Next frozen ones but they were just to mushy for my liking. Freeze dried ones were out of the option because I wanted to eat this without thinking I needed to savor it like 24K edible gold. So, I went the freeze dried route and they didn't disappoint! I will say I did go easy on how much I added. I have them in there more for a contrast in flavor and want the lemon to shine! Speaking of lemon that was the next issue to tackle.

Issue two: Scratch VS Box Mix!

Lemons are so bright and I wanted that to reflect in this recipe. So I tried doing scratch versions but the whole premise if this recipe was easy. So scratch was out of the running. Next I searched and found a lemon cake mix but it was only for a fleeting moment because I guess they are rare to find. I never found one again :/ I went with a good lo' vanilla cake mix (use whatever makes your vanilla boat float). So I had a good base, now lemon flavor.

Issue three: Making the lemon a star!

Fresh lemons are amazing to use but sometimes they don't pack enough punch when you add them to batter. So I knew lemons would shine as a drizzle on top. That was easy to figure out but what about the loaf itself? That is where the star of the show comes in, Amoretti! Hands down the BEST thing you can invest and have in your pantry is high quality flavors. Look we have all done the stuff at the store but really the after taste makes me feel like I liked a dirty metal light pole!

What I love about Amoretti is that their flavors are real! The lemon artisan flavor I used has actual rind in it! Oh, and don't get me started on the vanilla! I can lick it off the spoon it is so good! Basically, they are worth every penny spent! They last a long time too. Combining the fresh lemon with the Amoretti creates an amazing combo.

That is how I solved my loathe for the perfect loaf. Easy and effective with a punch of lemon to pucker you up just in time for summer. I reached out to the amazing team at Amoretti to see what they had going on so you could try them for yourself. If you click the link below and sign up for their newsletter you save 35% off your order!! Click here to save! While you are at it check out my recipe video below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel.


This was not a paid promotion and I did not receive any free product either. I just really love Amoretti!

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