Cake Show Networking 101!!

It is that time of year! It is CAKE SHOW SEASON!!!! As a long time attendee I was pretty much in the shadows when I first started going. What a HUGE mistake that was! Let me tell you something cake shows are basically the best place to meet other cake artists but most importantly meet the people creating the products you use!! NETWORKING SHOULD BE ON YOUR BRAIN!!

Here are my top 10 tips to Cake Show Networking 101!

10. Bring your business cards!! (Learned this from Toxic Sweets Shop)

9. Have pictures of your cakes in a folder on your phone. Quick access for step 8!

8. Go talk to the vendors and show them the stuff you made using their products!

7. Network with the vendors. This is a great time to learn about ambassador programs, affiliate programs and potential sponsorships.

6. Buy stuff!!! Cake shows are the best time to stock up on stuff and amazing prices!!!

5. ENTER THE CAKE COMPETITION!!!! Trust me it is terrifying at first but it really is what cake shows are about.

4. Put out a meet up call to others to join you at the show. 3. Use the FB LIVE and IG LIVE features to show your followers what you are up to!

2. Selfies are great ICE BREAKERS when you come across a cake crush and spontaneously lose basic functions like knowing how to speak (see picture below). BIG CAKERS will be there and this is a great time to show them you exist!

1. BRAND YOURSELF!!! I always were a signature flower in my hair that matches my brand colors and this year I will be also wearing a branded shirt that I MADE!!

These are my top 10 tips but the most important one of all is, GO TO CAKE SHOWS!!!

To watch me make my shirt LIVE using my Cricut Explore Machine and Easy Press click the link here: Cakes and Crafts by Kass

I will be going live at some point today so turn on the notifications!

Materials I will be using are:

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Easy Press

Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl

Cake show resources:

Here is an example of me losing the ability to speak because I was standing in the same room as Karen FREAKING AMAZE BALLS Portaleo!! Luckily I had a friend who shoved me next to her and said " Can she take a picture with you?" To which she graciously said she would. I am so thankful for that moment! Hope to see you at some shows and remember to always just be you!




I receive a small % of commission from anything bought via the product links above. It doesn't cost you any more and I guess it's like a little thank you to me for helping you find products you love!

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