Look at what this GUY did to me!!

What if I told you not to care about what the cake community thinks of your cake or sweet treats??? Would you call me Crazy? Insane maybe? Well then guess what call me a insane and crazy lady because after this experience you will totally understand what the heck I am talking about! Keep reading if you wanna see what changed my mind set for the cake community and how it was completely taking me down the WRONG PATH!! This is how I am going to create my OWN PATH!

This is the photo that changed it for me! This is my (I am gonna boast right now) insanely talented, supportive, loving and freaking amazing husband of mine making MY birthday cake on his OWN! The only turntable this guy knows is the one he spins records on ok, but yet look at this picture. Really look at it! Remember when you would make a cake and be that happy? Well guess what I had almost forgot about that feeling too. I was wrapped up in making cakes and trying to grow every part of my business but yet I never felt like he did after a cake. What the heck man! That is so not cool and so crappy to be quite honest. What happened to that feeling I use to get when I would make a cake that made me so happy? Do not get me wrong I enjoy making cakes. I just lost my LOVE for enjoying the process of making them. So I just went thru the motions and then posted them on social media with hardly any engagement from my 10K on Facebook that I worked so hard to get. So I share it to a couple groups and LITERALLY NOTHING!!! NOTHING totally sucks when you are posting in a place that is full of other cake peeps! I was down in the cake dumps and I couldn't dig myself out. IT TOTALLY SUCKS!!!!! Then this picture changed it for me. Here is how and what I am doing from now on.

I am diving head first into the buttercream bowl and never coming back up for air!! In a good way. LOL! I am bringing back the joy and love back to my cake life. I can thank that picture for that and bonus that I can stare at that hunk in it ;) Watching Art put a cake together with practically no knowledge on how to do it other than watching me was so eye opening for me. He was stacking the cake and it was uneven, it didn't even bother him! Crumbs in the buttercream were a thing of the past! He just went for it!! Like I use to just go for it. It made me think of the times when I first started and didn't even know what Tylose was and fondant was held up by cake pop sticks and a dream! I need some more of that and less of me feeling like crap because no one freaking cares in a cake group. I get it, I am not on top of the "Best Cake Maker in The Cake World" mountain and I am finally ok with it!!

Welcome to Kass' Buttercream Bowl Blog! Dive in with me if you like but bring your own spatula and get ready to work! This is going to be my concern now and I am not going to worry about the engagement I didn't get but focus on the people who DO engage with me. Because like you I was once on the other side of not knowing what the hell I wanted to do with my cake life. I will do my very best to be a resource for the community of people who want to be here. I am so excited for the regeneration of my love for cake. I will be pouring myself into my blog, my YouTube channel and of course making cakes!!! I will be making cakes just because and guess where all the fails and wins will be posted, here of course!!! Might even get a bonus tutorial from it if it works out. I am not gonna worry about if it has been done before or if you can find it somewhere else because I have my own niche for my own peeps!

That is it for now guys is until next time remember this: BAKE. LOVE. LIVE. LAUGH.


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