The Game Changer of 2015-16

Can you guess what I am about to type???? If you found me because of it then you probably know what my 2015-16 game changer was. Drum roll please................. PERISCOPE!!!!! Yes a little app you download on your phone was my game changer. Let us take it back pre periscope though!

Pre Periscope I was making cakes and working full time. I enjoyed my cake time and knew that it was the path I wanted to be on but I did not know anyone! Like no legit cakers at all!!! ACTUALLY to be quite honest I was terrified of the cake world and all I ever heard was bad bad bad things about it. A whole industry full of mean and terrible women who just bitched you out for imperfect cakes. So I said "NO THANK YOU!" I gladly stayed in my little bubble away from all the drama I heard about. I was to terrified to enter a cake competition and i sure as heck would never give anyone any advice on cakes because I was not up to par in the cake world anyways! I was excited to find the local cake show and went every year by myself. I was just a fly on the wall that no one bothered to swat away. I was more than content swooning over cakes I would never have the guts to make! I was holding myself back for all these reasons and was A-ok with it! Besides I am n ot everyone's cup of tea so why push myself to be talked about right?

WRONG!!!!! And here is why I would have never known if it was not for Periscope!

About a year ago I kept seeing this Periscope thing be shared on Facebook by cake peeps. I just figured it was another app that was pointless. Was I wrong or what! So against by better judgement I downloaded it and found the cake peeps. I sat back and watched and watched and watched but that was it! Why would I actually broadcast LIVE and to who would I to anyways. I am a NOBODY! Plus I have NOTHING to offer, Duh! But yet I still went and did it anyways. My husband and I sat their and broadcasted us playing a game called Samuri Showdown. We laughed our asses off watching the replay and then went about our lives. Then I did my first broadcast and showed a cake topper out of fondant. I had like 4 people in it but I didn't care because I was terrified and enjoying it! Weird right? It was this nervous rush of excitement that made me so happy. I was not ready to show my face but I did keep on showing a few cake things.People started following me and joining in when I went on. Then I did the unthinkable, I just was MYSELF! In all my funny, outspoken, in your face, and loving way. People actually liked me and did not mind me just being me. It was fucking great!!!

I came across some amazing people. I ran across this chick who was giving a cake therapy session on her couch. She was from California (my home) and she totally liked stuff/decor I liked. Plus she had a totally off the wall business name and that made me think she was super legit and did not give a shit about what others thought! Her name was Joyce and I sent her a message to do a collab together on our YouTube channels. Well long story short we started FaceTiming and its history from there! It was like I found my other cake half that I did not know even existed.

That is when it all hit for me. We started a collab called The Cupcake Apocalypse bringing together 22 other cake artists. We even had the reveal LIVE on periscope. Everyone loved it and now we are working on the next one with even more amazing cake artists. Next we put on a meet up that would be held after the local cake show and that meant we would also finally get to meet face to face! Big Surprise we Periscoped it too! You know what else I sucked it up and entered into that local cake show! I even Periscoped me losing at that cake show too! Next adventure was Cake Fest in Louisiana and that meant ROAD TRIP!! We made it to Louisiana and met up with Laurie (also met her on periscope) for one of the most funnest times! Lots of laughs and even more happy moments when we all won at Cake Fest! All the while we were now teaching classes on periscope and my YouTube channel was getting new subs because of periscope. Next the # of us took a road trip to San Antonio for another cake show. We all placed again! In between all this I was in multiple collabs. I mean this is just a year!!!

HOLD UP A MINUTE, what about those horrible bitchy women that ruin the cake industry? Well guess what, they are not that bad! As a matter of fact most of them are pretty cool. That does not mean I like everyone all that means is I respect them even if I do not mesh well with them. Yes I have had some bumps along the way BUT all the amazing out weighs that! The amount of people I have been able to connect with and build a relationship with is immense. Hearing their stories and watching them grow in the cake community makes my heart so happy. So how in the heck could all this be if I did not download this app? Well it probably would have happened in like 10 years! lol! Well I think I am done rambling today.

So go download the app and broadcast something becuase you my just meet someone that will change your life. I know I did!



"Bake It Till You Make It"

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