Easy Wood Grain Tutorial

Stunning technique with little effort! So here is the story on how this came about! I was sitting down talking with my friend via FaceTime trying to figure out a way to put texture on my cake board. As per the norm I waited last minute to work on my competition piece for Cake Fest so I was pressed for time! I had seen this beautiful technique by Angela Morrison (tutorial link here for hers https://youtu.be/ln9X3BZf8m4 ) for a crackle effect but its not what I wanted. I wanted rough texture not an elegant one. So I grabbed the two things I ALWAYS have on hand, fondant and wafer paper! I tried it and failed the first time! It was like a goopy booger!! blah!! Next try was better but the third time was a charm. I made the board and man did that texture just smack you in the face!

Fast forward to the cake show and dude all the rage was about the board!!! Not like I didn't mind it but you know I was more in love with my piece as a whole. It did not dawn on me until I had an uber talented cake artist taking pics of it, my score card was about the texture on the board then on the way out the head judge asked how I did it (which I gladly explained). It was like a light bulb moment!! That was it for me I knew what I had to do.

As soon as I got home I made the purchase of my very first Go Pro Hero 4 and as soon as it was delivered I made the tutorial. But wait, I almost did NOT post it because I was worried people may think I had taken it from Angela. So I researched and looked to see if any one had posted a tutorial on this specific technique but could not find ANY!! I was elated but still hesitated, did I want to put myself out into the fire? I re watched her video 5 times and asked my friends to watch it and tell me if mine was mine or I in my excitement did I miss something? With some encouragement from my friends and husband I posted it. Then I posted it EVERY WHERE I could. I did get one person say "Angela is a great teacher" which is true but I made sure to point out this was my own. I made damn sure of that before I made my move to post it!

Why the long post for a tutorial Kass? WELL it is because I hope that if you are making something and to scared to post it, that this will encourage you! I honestly am so glad I did. I really am mind blown at how many people have used the technique and shared their beautiful master pieces with me. So do it! Like really get your butt out into the fire and DO IT!!!

Here is the tutorial link by the way. LOL!

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