Cake classes: Are they worth it?

Well that is the million dollar question that I have asked myself and many others have wondered too! First things first is you need to ask yourself one queston. "What am I trying to do with my cake life?" Are you just doing this for fun? Are you trying to make money? Are you trying to be the next Cake star? You still with me on this because I have a secret to share with you in the next sentence.

If you said "Yes" to ANY of the above questions then that means you need to start investing in yourself like right now!

With that being said lets now answer the question that you really came for. Yes, it is worth it to take cake classes. BUT make sure you are picking the ones that are right for you! Don't just go on a cake class shopping spree and buy every class you set those glorious eyes on. You need to choose wisely because this is an INVESTMENT into your cake future. I am not just going to end this post and not tell you how to decide what classes to pick now, so here is what I suggest.

1. Is this class a advanced class but you are just learning how to crumb coat a cake? If so then you need to get the basics down first! YouTube is a great resource for basics.

2. Are you going to actually make what you are learning? Don't just take the class because your cake crush is teaching it.

3. Is this class going to pay for itself in a year? Make the most out of your money by taking a class that will pay you back. How? Make a cake or use the technique on an order that you are getting paid for!

4.Don't have the money? Well guess what you can learn TONS of things on this great app called Periscope! Bonus is you meet amazing people too! Some of which are probably reading this blog post right this very minute!

5. One on One classes are more expensive because its one on one. Try taking group classes. This helps keep cost down while still getting one on one interaction in a group setting.

I hope this was helpful to you. I certainly would have loved this info when I started this whole decorating shenanagins :) By the way if you didnt know, I am teaching classes!!! (That was a good little segway if I don't say so myself!!!) Find all the info for my classes plus tons more classes on Facebook in the group called TOXIC SWEETS UNIVERSITY. It is admined by Joyce from Toxic Sweets Shop and myself.

Peace and Kitchen Grease,


P.S. If you are signed up for my newsletter then you get a sneak peek and first look at the next class I am teaching with Joyce!!

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