Tappits Terror NO MORE!

We all love to hate them and we all know the pure joy when you get a good letter out of 20 tries! Tappits are fun to use but a pain in the butt. I have seen lots of info on how to use them, most of which include piles of cornstartch or mountains of powder sugar but they never work for me. One day I rolled out some fondant that had a little bit of tylose in it pretty thin, left it out on the counter and then the magic happened! I grabbed a Tappit set and it worked BEAUTIFULLY!!!! I was elated but thought it had to be a fluke. So I tried it again but this time I just tapped the Tappits on the table and it still worked! I had finally figured out the mystery that is the Tappit awesomeness. They have the best fonts and they are pretty inexpensive. Not to mention the quality is great. I made a quick video to show you just exactly how it works. Hope you enjoy it!

Peace and Kitchen Grease,


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