This is my first blog post!

Welcome and thank you for checking out my first blog post! Let me get you up to date on myself. First off I am a California Girl from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I am currently residing with my husband in Texas. I work from home and also love to bake. Like I really love to bake! So much so that I am actually making cakes and baked goods as a part time (really full time when you calcualte the hours) job. Besides baking I also cook from scratch 3 meals a day, which means I am in the kitchen A LOT! In our free time we love to watch 80"s movies, documentries and play Nintendo while listening to 50's-90's music. When we are not doing that he is in the music room mixing it up on the wheels of steel, while I am crafting or sewing. We have a gorgeous cat named Cheetara (yes after the Thundercats) and a bird named Pretty Peachy! Fast forward to this past month, after much consideration I finally uploaded my first YouTube video. Then the itch to create a blog came about and this is the result of said itch :)

That is me in a nustshell (imagine Austin Powers pretending to be in a nutshell)! I hope you will come along my journey thru life, the kitchen and cake decorating.

Links for my Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube page are below.

Peace and kitchen grease,



I tried adding pictures but it did not work right so I will have to talk to my awesome web designer to help me out!


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